Welcome to EGMUN 2022

We have been working very hard on this year’s 20th annual EGMUN conference to make this a truly unique experience for all participants!
The main topic of this years EGMUN will be “Battling the concequences of a pandemic”. In the wake of the events of 2021 and 2022 the state of the world has been left shaken. Though our world has not been in as poor of a state seen since the wake of the Second World War, the UN goals of sustainable development are still at the peak of importance – now more than ever. When the world has been shaken, we must make sure sustainable development are included in reestablishing our world. At the 20th annual EGMUN conference our delegates will be debating and compromising on how we can provide this for the future generations. We look forward to great debates, mindful resolutions and many new relations across countries!

The Executive Staff

Excited? We are!

This years EGMUN will take place the 9th to the 12th of November 2022, and we are already looking forward to seeing you all!


Want to join Espergærde Gymnasium Model United Nations (EGMUN)? No problem we will guide you through it!


EGMUN has its own news Team that not only writes lots of articles (both serious and of course also fun) but also creates an amazing news broadcast every day during the conference days.

MUN Help

We know that it’s a little hard to start researching a topic as well as your country’s opinion therefore we’ve created this place where we give you some advice on how to get started!


Remember what happened last year? No? Well, thankfully you can look back at all the pictures and take a trip down memory lane, you can of course also watch all the pictures from this year’s EGMUN.

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