4th – Special Political and Decolonization

During the last couple of days, the council of Special Political and decolonization has been discussing the Syrian refugees, colonization of outer space and the Trusteeship Council. We’ve asked the delegate of the United States of America, Caroline Rasmussen, to elaborate on what they council has discussed.

Regarding the question of decolonization and the Trusteeship Council, the delegate declared:

“We have agreed upon the abolishment of the Trusteeship Council because we feel that it is irrelevant since it has been inactive since 1994. And the expertise area of the Trusteeship Council is so small that we could just redirect it to another council.”

The discussion concerning the protection of the Syrian refugees, hasn’t jet been terminated. Though, the delegate gave us a brief statement, on what they United States hope to achieve with this resolution.

“We are of course hoping we can help the Syrian refugees by providing financial aid and asylum for all the refugees and we would like to support the surrounding countries financially with housing these refugees.”

As a consequence of the tight time schedule, the delegate only gave a short comment on the resolution regarding the colonization of outer space.

“We have agreed upon a resolution where we want to collaborate across borders with the governmental and non-governmental organizations.”


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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