5 alternative punishments

Butt spelling? Again? No I don’t think so – twerking is so last year- and that is why this year’s EGMUN press have thought of new alternative ways of punishing the delegates – You are welcome ;).

A noisy cellphone during the conference. Being late and disruptive.
Wearing inappropriate clothes. Breaking the Rules in general…
What shall the punishments be?

We’ve come up with 5 new ways of punishing your unruly delegates


  1. The National Anthem: the delegate who is being punished has to sing the National anthem of the country they represent.
  2.   Opposite Gender Dress Code: the delegate that is being punished has to catwalk wearing the opposite genders dress code. If that isn’t possible the catwalk will just be with something else embarrassing to the delegate.
  3.     The Cookie Round: the delegate who is being punished has to help the hardworking staff and apologize to the other delegates by serving them cookies – In complete silence!
  4. Hotline bling: the delegate who is being punished will have to dance like drake.
  5.     Say three things that has something to do with the country that he or she is representing. none of the 3 things can concern politics! Culture only!


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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