Monday morning, local time, a refugee emerged from The Australian bush. The refugee is a well known outspoken anti-communist, who have fled from North Korea, to protect himself from various death threats.

By: Josefine Huusom

Ed. Clara De Masi, Frida Møllegaard & Sara Nørskov

The local journalists have been swarming the Brisbane Refugee Center in western Australia after the news about a Korean refugee escaping North Korean borders and making his way to Australia began spreading around 8am local time. One of our reporters at the scene were exclusively allowed to interview the 30-year old male.

I think what the world reels to know right now is one thing. How did you escape the borders?

There are caravans of refugees trying to make their way to the southern border every day, but only very few make it to South Korea, let alone further before getting captured. I guess I was lucky and saner than most Koreans, who undergo extensive brainwashing from toddler-age.



The north Korean school system is based on grooming and brainwashing children into obeying the laws. Everyone goes through it, and very few are able to withstand it. Hence why so few people manage to escape.

How would you describe living with communism back in North Korea?

Communism is the foundation of all evil, North Korea being the prime example. It purely inspired idleness and greediness. The ideology is a Jewish conspiracy with its goal being to take over the world.

What do you mean by, “communism is a Jewish conspiracy”?

Let’s not forget that Karl Marx was Jewish. It is a known fact that a group of very powerful Israeli men, some of them directly descendants from Marx’ close friends, has Kim Jong-Un and the leaders of Cuba, Vietnam and Laos wrapped around their little fingers. They had to start somewhere, right? Socialist countries in crisis, like North Korea and Cuba, are easily manipulated, but Israel is working towards world domination.

Currently the Korean refugee, who wishes to remain anonymous, is being moved to an unknown location in Australia after receiving death threats. He had been showing signs of PTSD and other trauma-based disorders. Therefor doctors were called to the scene before we could ask any more clarifying questions.

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