BREAKING NEWS: North Korean Missile Strikes South Korean

North Korean Missile Strikes South Korean City of Paju – 10.000 fatalities

First an official apology is in order by the Press; the recent video report permeating the conference stated that the Falkland Islands were victim to a missile strike. This is not the case, as the target and victim of the attack was the Republic of Korea. We apologise for any misunderstandings and miscommunications this error has brought.

The morning of Saturday 16th a missile launched by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea struck the South Korean city of Paju in the Gyeonggi Province, striking at the heart of the densely populated city. An estimated 10.000 fatalities have been reported, including both civilian and military personnel of South Korean and American ethnicity. Paju is located near the 38thparallel and serves the purpose of being a heavily militarised city, wherein numerous South Korean and US military bases are situated.
Shortly ensuing the devastating attack the North Korean Government made an official statement, taking full responsibility for the attack.

“The true Korea has struck the inferior and puny South Korea with great ferocity resulting in prompt and utter destruction. This mighty attack portrays but a fraction of our vast capabilities. The infidels have been punished for their treachery by the superior Korea.”

South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, expressed his deep remorse while condemning the incident in an official statement shortly after the impact:

“The Republic of Korea is in great remorse. This morning the city of Paju suffered a devastating attack led by the DPRK. Our nation is in great sorrow as over 10.000 fellow citizens and thinking of how every life is precious, this is truly a catastrophy.” 

The Crisis Committee’s focal point is securing global peace by avoiding all means of warfare. The Committee is expected to direct all its focus on establishing lasting peace between the warmongering DPRK and the Republic of Korea.


– By Peter Mørch Groth

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Maiken Vindmar

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