Breaking news: USA vs DPRK

Today we received a notepaper from the Ambassador of the United States of America. Following was written on the notepaper – and obviously this changes things.

“The NATO countries and South Korea have gathered their thoughts, but just could not handle the inhumane attacks from yesterday performed by the evil North Koreans.” 

We asked the Ambassador about the matter and he stated: “We could simply not tolerate the evil and inhumane attack on civilians and our troops in the real Korea. The evil communist in the North have for way too many years been allowed to do propaganda and we do not want that anymore.
We also talked to DPRK about this as well. The delegate of DPRK, Markus Hansen, said “Wait, wasn’t this in the Falkland Islands? Well, South Korea sucks butt and we didn’t kill anyone important anyway” and Anna Næsborg, also delegate of DPRK stated ““This is just propaganda from the western news”.

We will follow up later on the news about USA vs DPRK, here on the last day, EGMUN is still going strong.


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Maiken Vindmar

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