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U.S. involved in South Korean epidemic?

North Korea had been under suspicion for having planted the bio weapons found in the northern part of South Korea. Now new sources reveal that it impossibly could have been the North Koreans, and suspicion is rising towards the United States. By Dimitri Ivanovitj Ivano   North

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Thousands infected by unidentified virus in South Korea

Crisis from Crisis Committee. Contagion. An unidentified virus has spread in Cheorwon County, South Korea claiming the deaths of 16 people and infecting thousands since Monday evening. By Allan Finch SOUTH KOREA: Monday November 17th at approximately 10pm local time the first case of the unknown disease was

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You’re in our hearts France

In this horrible time of tragedy, our hearts are entirely with the French people, and especially the ones directly affected. Once again, sadly, the great family of the world is witness to a shocking event having an adverse impact on innocent, peaceful civilians. Today, we are all

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Interview with DPR of Korea and USA

Lennard Everwien Is it your first time at EGMUN? No, it’s not my first time it’s actually my second time. What are your expectations to this year’s conference? I’m looking forward to a great conference. This year I will be participating in the crisis committee, and I

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Interview with the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF

Henrik Boberg Bæch Why are you supportive of MUN and what do you think it contributes to the school?  I’m highly supporting of MUN as it’s another way of learning and yet it touches a number of subjects that you as students will have to obtain knowledge

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Interview with the Secretary General

Who is Dag-Yero?   Dag-Yero Midtvåge Diallo Given the fact that you are this year’s Secretary General, how are you finding the job – is it funny, stressful or challenging?  So far it’s been fun, a lot of hard work. It should be over by now, and

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Security Council

The Security Council plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of the UN. With five permanent members who all posses the power of veto the process of passing resolutions can be a precarious and tedious affair. This proved valid as only two out of three resolution

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Breaking news: USA vs DPRK

Today we received a notepaper from the Ambassador of the United States of America. Following was written on the notepaper – and obviously this changes things. “The NATO countries and South Korea have gathered their thoughts, but just could not handle the inhumane attacks from yesterday performed

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4th – Special Political and Decolonization

During the last couple of days, the council of Special Political and decolonization has been discussing the Syrian refugees, colonization of outer space and the Trusteeship Council. We’ve asked the delegate of the United States of America, Caroline Rasmussen, to elaborate on what they council has discussed.

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From 5 to 4 Eyes

Australia is ATM hugely unpopular with the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Under the Charter, the Security Council has primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security, but even though the Security Council takes the lead in determining the existence of a

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