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The winner of this year’s #chairspy competition is Helena Blak with this great pic. Today is the last day at EGMUN, and we are feeling very depressed about this being over. We already feel the post-MUN depression sneaking up on us. Nevertheless it has been some great

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and other partygames   Lovely ladies and handsome gentlemens, Tonight’s the night. It’s the final chance for you foreigners to have an makeout-session with the pretty Dane, or for the Danes to score the exotic foreigner. So let’s make tonight even better than thursday! Of course you

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The official party at EGMUN

Are you exited for the official party tonight? We know we are! Tonight we are bringing you a special theme, that includes showing off some skin and your best dance moves, and be ready to, what we Danish call; “Flække Floor!” Tonight it’s going down with a

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Gossip Page!

Oh boy – what an awkward, awkward morning it must have been for so many of you slutty little bastards. Did anyone else notice that tense atmosphere this morning? Well, you must have, because what a lot of dirt we have received from last night’s party at

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Let the Kissing games begin!

  Keeping with tradition the EGMUN Kissing Games will once again rule the conference. It is your job as a dedicated MUN-attendee to make sure everyone at the conference has something (some pleasant tongue-touching) to remember! And especially the people in charge of EGMUN15, who are dealing

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The Art of MUN flirting

It’s the first real day of the conference you walk into the classroom eyeing out the other delegates. These are the people you’ll spend your next few days with, arguing, debating and laughing with. You’ve told your parents and teachers how exited you are about expanding your

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Point system at EGMUN 2014

Secret meeting in the corners, risky notepapers, lips meeting and tongues touching – it is time for the kissing contest, the point system at EGMUN 2014! When the conference starts – or more specifically, when the parties start, then a certain game will start as well. The

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The party tonight: High Heels and High Expectations

Once again the participants of EGMUN can throw off their formal clothes and instead put on too short dresses and even higher heels – you too, guys! Of course, we all have some expectations for a party – will I kiss the hot guy from Germany? Can

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Do you want to be Main Pointfucker?

  Like most of you know, people went crazy at the retro party thursday. People kissing in every corner, girl on girl, boy on girl and boy on boy, there was saliva everywhere. Everyone was going straight for the title as Main Pointfucker, and tried to get

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How to score your ex

If you are a boy with a taste for women in control, then you should keep on reading. I’ve had a little chat with the IT and financial manager Holm, and he now reviled the secret of how to score his ex Sarah the Conference Manager. 1.

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