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Hot kisses on the dance floor

The president of the ECOSOC Emma Andersen was seen at the party yesterday on the dance floor snogging off somebody’s face, and that somebody was Ole Posselt. Ole Posselt is a lawyer in the ICJ, and the only thing left to say is congratulations Ole, you just

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Party tonight

There will be a party at Retro, Elsinore tonight, get your information about the party here! The amazing, extravagant, social part of EGMUN 2013 has begun. After the first day of hard working during lobbying time, we know you need to relax and party. We have rented

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All the lovable singles

EGMUN is hosting a ton of lovable singles, and they’re only waiting to score or getting scored.  We put a few people in context to the grading score so here you can see a variety of singles and how many points you get for scoring them.  

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WATCH OUT – The game has begun!

Find out who you need to kiss tonight! To obtain the tradition, the annual kissing-contest will be held at this year’s EGMUN’13. The rules are simple; all you need to do is to kiss a hot Mr. Suit or sexy Miss Heels to the EGMUN events Thursday

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