CM gone wild

The MUN conference is to be taken very serious, and it is expected that everyone works hard and concentrated to make resolutions of the highest quality.

But when the doors of EGMUN close, the participants get a chance to run wild and do whatever and whomever they want.

The two Conference Managers, Anne-Louise Jørgensen and Sarah Tougaard Bendtsen, seized the opportunity, and after an unknown amount of drinks the girls went unimaginably crazy. Rumour has it that CM Sarah had found a new target, though no one knows the name of the mysterious man. Saturday morning we received revealing pictures, verifying the tender gossip. These pictures certainly confirm the existence of Sarah’s mysterious man.

What happened later that night? We have no clue – but who knows, Sarah and her new love might have shared more than a drink that night.

Anne-Louise Jørgensen scored a total of 15 points thursday night. Though, if a point were given every time the CM kissed the lucky delegate, she would probably already be the “main Point Fucker”. They have since Thursday indeed made the hardworking staff sweat, having them running between the Secretariat and the Security Council. Anne-Louise and her newfound friend, the delegate from Australia, have been sending flirty notes the entire day. We all expect the flirting to continue at today’s party.


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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