BREAKING: Could Israel be behind it all?

Could Israel be behind it all?

As the disappearance of the North Korean refugee has been going on for some time, and no one wants to declare themselves guilty, there has been a new and frightening lead on the case.

Ed: Clara De Masi, Frida Møllegaard, Sara Nørskov & Anna Roberts

The Australian government has revealed that the Israeli secret intelligence has been residing in the country for several months now. This means that they were secretly in the country when the North Korean refugee disappeared earlier. The question that is on everyone’s lips is: Could it really have been Israel all along and not some crazy, Australian communist as was first assumed? Australia will start an investigation on the Israeli secret intelligence and what they have been doing while in the country. How could the Australian government not have noticed that a foreign intelligence has been residing in the country? What is the part in the North Korean-Australian country.

However, Israel highly rejects the accusation of them having anything to do with the disappearance of the North Korean man and threatens Australia:

If they start investigating them, then consequences will follow.

Australia states that the investigation against Israel will follow through, with or without the agreement of Israel.

This makes the president of The United States worried:

This situation is very alarming, for the free world. The United States of America fully stand behind Israel, and urges everyone to remember what was done to the Jew in Holocaust.

After the speech, the president of South Korea also made a statement;

The Federation of Russia is very worried about the situation. But we stand by Australia as we believe Israel has no inherent right to reside in Australia without the knowledge of the government

A few days after the president’s statement North Korea revealed that they were done building a brand-new electronic weapon that would revolutionize warfare on a global scale. No country has ever managed to make such a weapon on such a scale as the North Korean president claims to have done.


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