Do you want to be Main Pointfucker?

kissing on the flor


Like most of you know, people went crazy at the retro party thursday. People kissing in every corner, girl on girl, boy on girl and boy on boy, there was saliva everywhere. Everyone was going straight for the title as Main Pointfucker, and tried to get as many point as possible.

Our dear Conference Manager Sarah was IN from the beginning, getting with both boys and girls. Despite of this, she “cannot remember” how many points she scored, but we are sure she is going to be on fire again tonight.

The President of the Crisis Committee was one of the many guys who participated in the contest as well. He proudly tells that he has a total score of 450 points, that is one of the highest ranks in the contest. He might be a good candidate to win the extremely desired title as Main Pointfucker.

The delegate of DPRK is probably one of the leading pointfuckers at the moment. She is without doubt going straight for the title tonight and has a total score of around 500 points.

So all MUN-participants: if you want to become Main Pointfucker (not sure whether this is a good thing or not) you better up your game and start sharing some saliva tonight.

– By Caroline Ellekilde and Helena Rasmussen

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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