Dress code at EGMUN “Tips and tricks”

As we all know, there is a dress code at EGMUN, but do you know exactly what that means for you? If not we will try to guide you through the things you should consider wearing and what you definitely should stay far away from.


At EGMUN everyone is expected to wear formal clothes. For the boys, that means suit and tie not some fancy Ralph-Lauren polo with a pair of skinny jeans SUIT UP! And girls no matter how much the boys like it, you can’t wear crazy short skirts. If you for some reason decide to not follow this dress code you can be asked by the organisers to change. And if you don’t have anything else, you’re in trouble.

All guys are expected to wear a tie.

You’re probably thinking “ yes I can just bring my tie from last Christmas” well don’t. At EGMUN a tie is something formal not funny so don’t go all out in funny motives or colours.

This doesn’t mean that your tie can’t be something special, just not this special:



What not to wear:

Jeans of any kind
Jeans is considered inappropriate

This is not a galla so just don’t wear a butterfly

Short skirts:
As much as you girls want to show your beautiful legs of EGMUN is not the place to do so.



Boys you and your father are not the same size, bring your own suit.
Use leather shoes or dark shoes to look more classy, sneakers is a bad idea.

You actually look beautiful, with or without short dresses.


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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