Keep up with this year’s official EGMUN Gossip page to stay informed with the big events of this year’s conference. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with where you want to be, who you want to keep an eye on and what happens within each committee.

First official day at EGMUN

EGMUN 2018 started off with a bang at yesterday’s opening ceremony at our very own “Kulturværftet” in Elsinore. This particular city is one close to every student’s heart at EG. The city offers not only beautiful surroundings and

cosy cafés, but also incredible nightlife activities such as our beloved “Reden”.

This amazing, “high-end” nightclub opens its doors this Thursday evening for all nationalities at 9 pm, which makes it the perfect place to get to know one another.

To get to the hotspot of Elsinore this evening, just take the train to Elsinore station and follow the big crowd of people all walking towards the sound of banging music.


What to expect:

This year, we promise you that the press team will cross even more boundaries to bring you the juicy gossip and controversial news of EGMUN 2018.

You can look forward to:

  • Heated debates within the committees, brought directly to you by yours truly.
  • Scandalous gossip from inside and outside the MUN conference.
  • A detailed inside of this year’s party (with pictures to prove it).
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