Good-Looking Interpreters Saving Desperate Delegates

You are all familiar with the grading-score in which points are given for Secretary General, Conference Managers, PGA, press, delegates and staff – but did you know that we also should have interpreters on the list? EGMUN is about communicating and creating fruitful debates between nationalities. However, with English as the formal language it can be challenging. Therefore we are privileged to have some cute and good-looking interpreters who can help a DD (desperate delegate) in need.

Unfortunately, EGMUN can only offer Turkish translators, but they do one hell of a job. They’ve been translating and helping the Turkish delegates writing their resolutions.

Selina Cakmak and Dilan Sert are both from Turkish families. They got the job the second day of MUN when the delegate of USA, Pavithana Balaganeshan realized the difficulties the delegates from Turkey had: “They needed some translators for the Turkish students.”

dreamstimemedium_30238536Combined there have been 12 participants from Turkey. They have both enjoyed speaking their mother tongue at this year’s EGMUN, but it has also been challenging.

“We’ve gotten to know a lot of people, and it has been a really great week. We have been hanging out after school where we have been eating at a restaurant and went to their hotel near Marienlyst. We’re going to hang out tonight as well, now when it is the last day before they leave. We would love to visit them in Turkey. We’ve already arranged it with some of them.”

As those gossip-craving journalists we are, we couldn’t help asking if there was a Turkish-guy who was a bit favored? Both of them started laughing. “His name is Orkun. He’s the youngest of them – he’s 15 years old. He’s so cute and sweet.”


If we were to decide, these beautiful interpreters would be worth a lot on the grading score.

– By Ida Marie Bjørnvig and Cecilie Marie Conrad

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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