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Oh boy – what an awkward, awkward morning it must have been for so many of you slutty little bastards. Did anyone else notice that tense atmosphere this morning? Well, you must have, because what a lot of dirt we have received from last night’s party at Retro! Wonder whether you were the only one who got to kiss that special someone? Check below to see who kissed who and more.


Secrets from the Secretariat

The very nice Conference Manager, Maiken, behaved very, very badly yesterday. First she kissed the many-point-giving PGA Kasper  and later Laura (Ambassador of North Korea). You might think, that is the end. But we are not even close. She also made out with the pretty Caroline (Financial Manager and PECOSOC), an unknown girl (do you know who she is? Tell us at Press!) and finally the deputy Chair in GA6 who is also accused of having fun with the delegate of USA in his committee.

Conference Manager, Christine, was also seen kissing a lot with  the deputy Chair in GA6. Afterwards she turned to the Vice President in UNHRC for more kissing after an awkward situation with  the deputy Chair in GA6 in the bathroom…

But the Conference Manager wasn’t the only one who got kissed by the hot Vice President in UNHRC. He also made out with the delegate of Norway in SPECPOL and the Main Chair in CC. The Main Chair wanted to get the highest score in the Kissing Games, so she turned to Kasper (our PGA).

After kissing tons of girls at retro, Kasper (PGA) brought home (to the school) a very nice girl from GA3. And word has it that the other guys, who are sleeping at the school, walked in on the love birds.

The one and only Karoline, who both is Vice President ECOSOC and Vice Secretary General was kissed by the pretty Petrea from Press.


Delegation of USA proving unity

Daniel (delegate of USA in HSC), Matthias (Ambassador of USA in SC), Philip (delegate of USA in CC), Christoffer (delegate of Italy in GA4) showed off their moves last night on the pole at Retro all together. Now suspicious minds are questioning whether something more happened between the four guys as they were seen leaving the place all together. Furthermore mysterious snapchats were received of Daniel along with an unidentified ginger being interrupted while sharing a moment in a bed. Early that evening Daniel had been spotted kissing intensely with the ambassador of France.

Daniel’s fellow delegation member Sejr from GA2, was seen fooling around with a couple of pretty girls at Retro last night – unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to unveil the hidden identities of these girls.


Delegates, staff, press and media

The very sweet Emil (Staff) felt like the third wheel all night long, while his friend Krisitan (Staff) made out with an unknown girl and taught her that “Knep mig nu” means “I love you” in English.

It turns out that the very young and innocent staff, Dina, isn’t that innocent after all. She kissed the mature and hot delegate of USA in GA5 and another mysterious guy, we haven’t been able to identify.

Rumors have it that the delegate of Palestine in GA1 fooled around with Luna (staff) all night long.

The delegate of Germany in the 5th committee felt pretty lonely last night – let’s not have that happen again on Saturday ladies!

We received information that the delegate of Egypt in CSW is apparently quite the adequate kisser – unfortunately we have not yet had the chance to research whether this allegation is true or false: do we have any volunteers?

The delegate of Sweden in CSW got thrown out of the party last night! We wonder why? Maybe for killing it? ohhhhhh

The delegate of Russia in GA5 and the delegate of Algeria in GA5 were spotted doing some nasty stuff – we’re just glad we weren’t there to experience it in person.

The delegate of Canada in GA5 showed off his best stripper moves on the pole last night (check EGMUN2015 on snapchat tonight for another treat) and the delegate of Lithuania in GA5 was very pleased with his front row seats at the show. Canada was apparently too much to handle – also for his pants, that chose to rip across his bum (but don’t worry delegate, you were not the only one to have that happen to)

Word has it that the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic from GA3 has a GREAT ass (we did some research and can back up this claim). This ass contributes to a sexy bod that won the delegate the title of Sexiest Delegate at last year’s EGMUN. The lucky delegate of Greece in GA2, got to taste her lips a couple of times last night.

The delegate of the Syrian Arab Republic in GA3, earned himself some points last night we heard! He was seen making out with Sofie from media, whom he apparently left Retro with… This was after Sofie had been making out with Frede from Press, Caroline Juelsholt (President of the Economic and Social Council, Main Chair and Financial Manager) and CM Maiken Vindmar..

Argentine GA3 and Jordan GA3 are supposedly on the way to becoming an item according to gossip from their committee.

The delegate of Russia in GA1 apparently got with the delegate of USA in CSD – there must be some cold air between them today, since USA was spotted dancing very close with the Dep. Chair of CSD to keep warm in these cold months. We just hope her boyfriend won’t get too mad oops.


You can see many kissing-photos at the Friday-in-love stand 😉
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