How to: avoid awkward situations after last night

As you probably already saw on EGMUN snapchat this morning many of you guys acted quite bad last night. And after scoring a lot of points in the famous “kissing games” some of you might want to avoid upcoming encounters. Not that we’re saying that it’ll be awkward… but it will! So we’ve made a lifeline on how to survive throughout the day:

We know that a lot of you might relate to one of these situations:

You were on Retro last night, and poured down a few too many drinks. Suddenly, this really gorgeous/perfect/drunk guy/girl approaches you and you just can’t help yourself. A few seconds later, you find yourself on the dancefloor with someone’s tongue down your throat. And you wake up this morning thinking: “sh*t, what/who have i done?!”.


If that wasn’t your story, maybe you were the one everyone else could find hanging in the bar with an amazingly rich guy serving you drinks all night or maybe you were the guy who used your entire savings on this beautiful darling – and today you don’t remember the name or the face (woops).

Or maybe you just don’t remember what happened, and the only reason you remember the kiss is because of a picture on your friends phone.

BUT FEAR NOT!!! We’ve got your back.

In these situations, there’s actually a few things you can do.

The normal ways to deal with awkward situations is staying in denial. Act like nothing happened and keep on refusing if someone claims that it’s you on the “love-wall” or on the EGMUN mystory. If that doesn’t work; lie, lie, lie.

If you already admitted your embarrassments to someone you might want to take a look on the advices mentioned below.


  • If you’re in the same committee as your victim from last night – fake a boyfriend/girlfriend… or cystitis.   
  • If you’re in desperate need of getting rid of the person you conquered last night – start a rumour about yourself and your herpes-problems.
  • Send some chocolate or a sweet note from Friday in Love.
  • Act like nothing happened and friendzone them like no one has ever been friendzoned before. Maybe start out with the classic: “Hey bro”. (Works on both girls and guys)
  • A solid advice is to keep staring at the floor. !!DO NOT MAKE ANY EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE!!
  • Stay isolated. Do not leave your committee under any circumstances – make someone else pick up your lunch.
  • Avoid eye contact! Walk by like nothing happened.  
  • Be weird, so they’ll stay away from you on their own.


If none of the above advices work, there’s only two solutions left:

  • Run and hide, never look back. (The toilets in the basement of EG are the best)
  • Commit murder. That’ll frighten everyone away.


We hope that you can use some of these advice, and keep them in your mind after the party tomorrow.

Love and Kisses



Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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