Hey everybody!
EGMUN is near it’s end, and it has been wonderful. Last night we partied in 1 degree, to a hawaiian themed party. Could it get any better?? We hope you all found your way home safe yesterday!
But we had fun (and from some pictures we can see that some of you REALLY had fun),  today is a little less fun. Hangovers are never amusing, but today we will help you with what to do with them.  

There’s always the easy cure to a hangover – McDonalds, Mean Girls and chips. But since we’re still a MUN, that’s not quite an option.

Here’s some other great tips:


  • If you’re really hungover, remember sun glasses so the light from the snow won’t blind you.
  • Drink lots of water, maybe som salt.
  • If anyone asks what’s wrong with you, claim that it’s food poisoning.
  • Discreetly lay down on your table, and take a nap. The only downside about this, is that you might find some not so charming pictures of you floating around on the internet later.
  • For the headaches there’s only one thing to do – Take some painkillers.
  • Or you can just drink some more alcohol. You know, drink the pain aways some more. That might be interesting thing for us to watch.


So to conclude on how to deal with your hangovers – don’t. Go home, watch that Mean Girl movie, nurse your physical hangovers and make a deal with yourself, that you will never, ever drink again. Until next friday of course.   

Thanks for this MUN. See you next year!

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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