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Lovely ladies and handsome gentlemens,

Tonight’s the night. It’s the final chance for you foreigners to have an makeout-session with the pretty Dane, or for the Danes to score the exotic foreigner. So let’s make tonight even better than thursday! Of course you will need someone to help you make it the best night of EGMUN, so here’s some tips and tricks you can use:

So to get things started, and make it a little hotter in here, we’ll start with telling you about the TOP THREE best makeout spots on EG, where you can do stuff with your chosen one. Thank us later.


  • There’s a hole right near the piano on “Torvet”, which can be quite useful.
  • The door to the outside area, by the cantine. There’s a space behind the door that is a nice place to do…. What you wanna do.
  • The toilets. Always a winner.


Oh and here’s a nice piece of information: The person with the most points in the famous “kissing games” gets a prize. But we have to warn you, the competition is very hard. A lot of people already have around 100 points. We here in the press knows, that an attractive lady is up around the 140 points! So get going if you wanna win guys (and if anyone gets over 140, remember to inform the press).

Sooo, to really get the partyfeeling going here’s a couple of drinking games you can play. Of course you don’t have to drink alcohol if you want to participate in these games, just every kind of drink works fine.


  • Horserace: One of the writers personal favorite. What you need is a pack of cards and something to drink. Place all the aces in a straight line and dare your friends to bet on one of them. Place an empty can or something like that and agree on a goal line. An example of a bet is 4 sips on the ace of heart. The card dealer then takes the rest of the cards which is placed down, one at a time, and for exampel if he pulls an clover, the ace of clover gets a push little closer to the goal line.  If your card win, you can give your sips to one or more persons of your own choice, but if you loose you have to drink them yourself.
  • Buffalo: The old buffalo. If you drink with your right hand, and someone sees you they’ll scream buffalo and you’ll have to drink the entire thing you’re drinking. Out of experience, we can tell you that is a dangerous game…
  • Vandfald or “waterfall”: You need a pack of cards, place it around a wineformed bottle, and you can find the rest of the rules on the internet.
  • Truth or dare: Do we even need to write down the rules?? We don’t think so. But to add a little more fun, you can play with this rule: Every time someone hasn’t told the truth or haven’t done their dare they have to drink.
  • I have never: We all know/hate this game.
  • Agree or not agree: Choose two persons that starts. They sit with the back to each other, and the rest place themselves in a circle around them. Then they get asked questions, and the two in the middle yell the answer. If they are in agreement everyone else have to drink, but if they are not – they drink.


That was all for today. We wish you all a VERY nice night.




Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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