How To: Score – The danish way

This is an article that some of you foreigners will be thanking me for tonight.


You are now in the happiest country in the world (okay we’ve actually lost the position to the Sweden, but we Danes suffer a lot from denial). A big part of you comes from this lovely country, but for some of you Denmark is a unknown land. And I’ll tell you, the depths and traditions of the Danish people aren’t quite ordinary.

Today has been filled with long discussions, lovely men and ladies in suit and skirts, a lot of sitting down and it all ends up to this  – the unofficial party at Retro tonight!! So fear not, you will have a chance to win over the gorgeous gentleman or the delicate lady you’ve been eyeing all day. And don’t forget the kissing competition! Very important part of EGMUN.

But of course, the art of seducing isn’t an easy skill to master. So keep reading foreigner, because there might be some tips and tricks you can use in this article to score some points with the pretty Danes.

First things first.



A couple years ago the danes elected this line to be the most successful pick up line:

“I’m making a phonebook. Can i have your number?” I don’t really see how it can be that effective, but why won’t you try to prove me wrong?

Here’s some more Danish lines you can use:


– “Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should i walk by a couple more times?”


– “Do you have an Insurance?? Because you’ve just made a bump in my pants.” (this line will probably work best if it’s the guys using it, sorry girls)


–  “Do you wanna come home with me and see my stamp collection?”


– “Are your mother a thief? Because she stole the prettiest stars and put them in your eyes”


– “I might not be Lars Larsen, but i can make you see duvets”

  If you feel really adventurous, you can say it in danish:
  “Jeg er måske ikke Lars Larsen, men jeg kan få dig til at se dyner!”


– “What do you want for breakfast??”


– “Grey Goose?”


– “There’s a private party in my pants, and you are now invited!”


– ” You’ve got a patch? Because i have fallen for you.”


– “Can i have your phone number? I’ve forgotten my own.”


It might be discussable if these lines are one hundred percent Danish, or something we just took from other countries and called our own. But for now lets call them Danish. And I seriously wish you good luck with these.

I’ve interviewed 7 Danes, and out from that this can be concluded:

To score a Dane you have to be charming, polite and don’t talk about MUN while partying. Our beloved main chair, vice secretary general and executive staff Karoline Kruse (who btw gives a total of 110 points, what you wanna do with that info is up to you), says that the safe way to score a Dane is to say the famous “Rød Grød med fløde”. Or quote an Nik & Jay song. Your choice. One of the danes told me that he’d be quite impressed (and “scoreable”) if a girl went up and said a line in Danish to him.  

Here’s a great advice to the Guys: BE A GENTLEMEN. Buy her a drink (and buy it in the bar with her, being accused of drugging someone is never fun) and dance with her.

Another one of the danes says you have to be kind of vulgar. Not to outgoing, but kind of mysterious and you also have to be forward about what you want.

Sofie Hejn (the red-liped hottie from Media) says that the way to score her is if you are obvious about what you want, but if you follow her around all night it’s a safe way to cock-block yourself.

In this article you’ve got all the information to score a dane. Now you just have to find someone to work your magic on.

See you tomorrow on our next How to!

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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