How to score your ex

If you are a boy with a taste for women in control, then you should keep on reading. I’ve had a little chat with the IT and financial manager Holm, and he now reviled the secret of how to score his ex Sarah the Conference Manager.

1. Compliment her but.
2. Play badminton with her.
3. Participate in MUN (but that you already do)
4. Give her milk, a lot of milk!
5. Invite her to MASH (it’s a steake restaurant)
6. Watch a movie with her, like Saw or Human Centipede.
7. Give her an occasionally wet willy in the ear.



If you follow these seven golden steps it shouldn’t be hard to get yourself a piece of the Conference Manager – by the way she is 50 points worth scoring.

– By Tone Olmedo

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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