Nov 14, 2013

Party tonight

There will be a party at Retro, Elsinore tonight, get your information about the party here!

By Laura Schøn

The amazing, extravagant, social part of EGMUN 2013 has begun.

After the first day of hard working during lobbying time, we know you need to relax and party. We have rented a club for tonight, so get ready to lose your inhibitions.

The party will start at 9pm at the Retro in Elsinore. You will need to bring your badge and some ID. If you have a passport, it would be perfect if you could take a photocopy of it - you can do that at your host-family’s house, if they can do that - if not, then the IT-guys can help you with this today. Just go to the IT-office at the balcony at the school, then they can make a photocopy for you. If you don’t have a passport with you to Denmark, then you have to bring some sort of other picture-ID, because you need to be able to prove your age and that the picture on your ID is the same as the picture of your badge. This brings us to the next point - REMEMBER YOUR BADGE. Really.

There is no dresscode at the party, so get rid of your formal wear until tomorrow and have fun. Just remember badge and ID, because only 18+ can buy alcohol inside, be there early (at 9).

We cannot wait to see all of you guys tonight!

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