Nov 14, 2013

A Rocking Platform and the Almighty Cheesecake

By Ida Marie Bjørnvig

Once again we were all gathered at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the heart of Copenhagen to open up the ball – yes, the time has come to utilize your English vocabulary, find your black (or pink) blazer in the depths of your closet, wear the blue badge and address yourself in 3rd person.

The Model United Nations has started and this could not have been possible without the great Executive Staff who have been working hard in order to make this year’s EGMUN better than ever before. PRESS asked the Secretary General, the Head of Staff, the Conference Manager and the President of the General Assembly the same question, just before the Opening Ceremony began: How is it to finally stand here by the ancient Greek statues and surrounded by the great red walls of Glyptoteket after all this organizing of this year’s MUN?

Even though our Secretary General, Jens-Ole Kværnø was occupied, he had time to answer our question: “It is absolutely amazing – we have used so many hours on working and preparing for this moment – and hopefully see it come perfectly down, it’s absolutely amazing”.

Head of Staff Vincent Rasmussen and Ellen Damgaard Thaarslund:

Vincent: “Well, of course it is a relief – all this work finally coming together at this moment – the surroundings are beautiful with all the people dressed up. So nice to see.”

Ellen: “Sure it is going to be great with Mogens Lykketoft, unfortunately we couldn’t get anyone from the Danish Royal Family but Mogens Lykketoft is a great man too!”

Conference Manager Sarah Tougaard Bendtsen: “It is really great – us from the Executive staff have really been looking forward to this day – we hopefully have everything under control! I think it will be really great, and we are looking forward to the next couple of days and just to meet the international students”

Just before the Opening Ceremony the red-walled room was filled with the sounds of delegates rummaging for their badges, echoes caused by high heels, excited voices and cameras’ clicking. When everyone was seated, the President of the General Assembly walked up to the platform to introduce the first speaker, the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium, Henrik Bæch. Everything was under control until our PGA had to walk off the platform – the platform tipped and the sound of the rocking platform rung in the hall. Well, something is bound to go wrong… but the principal made the same mistake and the rung sounded once again. The principal said after the rocking platform wasn’t that rocking anymore: “This is very dangerous”. And yes, MUN can be a dangerous place even though it is a peacekeeping organization as the principal and the President of the Danish Parliament Mogens Lykketoft mentioned.

After lunch half of the Head of Press and yours truly had the pleasure of a newly-bought cheesecake while the media-folks were working with their newly filmed material from the opening speeches – and yes, we have filmed the principal on the rocking platform – be prepared for a dubstep-edited version with the title “This is very dangerous!” – but back to the cheesecake – never before have we tasted as almighty a cheesecake, and as the Head of Press Cecilie Conrad said it: “It’s so creamy I’m gonna die!” – so MUN has now set off and we hope you have too!


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