Nov 14, 2013

WATCH OUT – The game has begun!

Find out who you need to kiss tonight!

By Louise Larsen and Klara Breinholt

To obtain the tradition, the annual kissing-contest will be held at this year’s EGMUN’13. The rules are simple; all you need to do is to kiss a hot Mr. Suit or sexy Miss Heels to the EGMUN events Thursday and Saturday night. Now you might think that you need to kiss as many as possible but that’s not right. You need to kiss the right people, and by right, we mean the people with the highest order.

To participate in the competition, you must hand in your and your victim’s name in the red mailbox which is placed on 1st floor right next to room H251. You’ll get 5 points extra, if you can document the kiss with a picture, which you must send to the mail: - with your names of course. The winner will be found on Sunday. Have fun!

And remember: There are no rules! – All is fair in love and war.


The point-score goes like this

Secretary General = 50 points

President of General Assembly = 50 points

Conference Manager = 50 points

Executive Staff = 30 points

Chairs + Dep. = 20 points

Delegates = 15 points

Press = 15 points

Staff = 5 points

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