Nov 14, 2013

All the lovable singles

EGMUN is hosting a ton of lovable singles, and they’re only waiting to score or getting scored.  We put a few people in context to the grading score so here you can see a variety of singles and how many points you get for scoring them. 

By Tone Olmedo


This hot German piece of ass is 17-year old Lukas. He’s not only good looking, but also very good smelling, trust me, I interviewed him. The young man likes theatrical work and suits. He himself is actually an actor with a target group of 15-year old girls. Lukas said himself “I like my body”. Despite his good looks he’s also very open minded, so he says – but I guess it’s for you girls to find out later. Tonight he’s gonna be searching for a girl with a great sense of humour, kind of good looking, and of course she has to be understanding as well as sarcastic. So girls – if you’re into a famous teenage drama actor for the German series Sturmfrei, then he’s the guy for you. We all know that this wannabe-Brandon Walls is very hot, but unfortunately this ass is only worth 15 points in the grading score system. 

This surf-loving hottie is Rasmus who is 18 and from Espergærde Gymnasium. First of all you need to know that he is not only a pretty face, but a very good and trustworthy football freak, so people say. My first impression of this young man was particularly good. He was not just smiling and polite, but also very vain and as we well know, vanity is one of the seven deadly sins. So girls the question is do you want to score an antichrist? He himself said that he does not have a girlfriend because he doesn’t want to. Right now he’s enjoying the single life and the single girls. But you haven’t heard the best yet! He surfs all over the world, e.g. shark-filled waters in Africa. He is a tiger in bed and footloose on the dancefloor, give him a drink and his yours for the evening. So girls if you are confident, beautiful, good with words, funny and charming you have a good chance of getting to score Rasmus. Even though you easily can get trapped in those pretty eyes of his, just remember that he’s only worth 5 points. 

This selfish MTV loving Chair is called Emma, she is 17 years old and plays the piano, go to the fitness and occasionally rub her own nipples. With other words she sounds just like the stereotype teenager, but what you don’t know is that she has a fetish for Abercrombie guys and loves Disney movies. She loves everything about herself and expect the guys to be just as selfish as she is. So guys if you love watching football on the TV and likes a girl that is flexible as shit, funny, happy, smart and good looking, then give her a drink and ask her to dance and then I guarantee you the happiest night of your life. This very attractive girl is 30 points worth scoring!

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