Nov 15, 2013

Hot kisses on the dance floor

The president of the ECOSOC Emma Andersen was seen at the party yesterday on the dance floor snogging off somebody’s face, and that somebody was Ole Posselt. Ole Posselt is a lawyer in the ICJ, and the only thing left to say is congratulations Ole, you just scored yourself 30 points in the grading system!  

But they were definitely not the only ones that scored points last night. Many things happen at the parties, people turn gay, for instance, Sarah the Conference manager.  At least 60 points she collected and some of them were girls. I wonder what her opinion on the gay rights in Russia is?

A certain Thomas IT-staff believes in the women’s saliva. Though the girls were many, the points were few. But we have to admit that he did score the President of the ICJ. 



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