Nov 16, 2013


 Congolese military attack on a village in Uganda

By Louise Larsen og Klara Breinholdt

For many years Uganda has practiced military activities on Congolese soil. Congo has tried to get the Ugandan military force out of their country since the beginning but without further luck.

In 1999 there was an extreme military attack on a little village in Uganda. 37 people lost their lives in the violent attack. Uganda claimed it was the Congolese group DSO (Dérobé Serpent Opératoire) who was behind the attack on the little village.

Unfortunately there was no evidence to charge Congo and Congo denied having anything to do with the attack. Therefore the episode remained overlooked.

Now a secret source has leaked new information about the attack. It seems that the military group DSO acted by Congolese orders back in 1999.


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