Nov 17, 2013

The Atmosphere at GA

By Iben Lerche

It is Sunday morning, and last night’s party (and maybe last night’s kiss) is still on our minds. We all saw the Italian girls get wild on the dance floor and the German guys shake their delicious butts to Nik and Jay. Yes, last night’s drinking has affected the atmosphere at EGMUN today. Everyone is a bit tired and maybe not that sober. Despite our hangovers, there are still some subjects that have to be discussed and solved, so although it’s the last day at EGMUN, and we just want to go home and take a nap, we have to be concentrated. 

I caught some people at GA this morning snap-chatting, texting and trying to stay awake, but everyone at this years EGMUN have also been very hardworking and ambitious, so it’s understandable that someone is a bit tired today.



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