Nov 10, 2014

CSD Resolution

FORUM:                    Commission on Sustainable Development 

QUESTION OF:        Enforcing LGBT rights in African countries

Main Submitter:          The Republic of Mali

Co-Submitters:           Federal Republic of Nigeria, Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of the Sudan, Burkina Faso


  1. Bearing in mind that one universal culture does not exist,

  2. Reaffirming that culture should be regarded as the set of distinctive spiritual, material,

  3. intellectual and emotional features of a society or a social group, and that it

  4. encompasses, in addition to art and literature, lifestyle, ways of living together, value

  5. system, traditions and beliefs,

  6. Taking into consideration that Africa is a continent full of diversity, therefore the

  7. same guidelines cannot be accepted in all countries,

  8. Deeply regretting the lack of solidarity for nations cultural differences,  

  9. 1. Suggests that member states and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) avoid

  10. enforcing LGBT rights that could be disrespectful towards cultures;


  1. 2.  Encourages member states to respect the culture and traditions of the majority of

  2. their countries such as but not limited to:

  3.                         a) sexual morality,

  4.                         b) family life,

  5.                         c) marriage traditions;


  1. 3. Recommends that all member states to ban the public and private display

  2. discriminating behavior;

  3. 4. Urges member states and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to create

  4. programs in order to assist the health, the physical and mental state, of LGBT

  5. people in a manner that is not discriminating, devaluing or disrespectful towards the

  6. LGBT in any way;


  1. 5. Strongly suggests that member states to illegalize LGBT people from adopting

  2. children, as it may affect the development of these children;


  1. 6. Calls upon member states and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to create

  2. educational programs in order to teach children and adults  about

  3. the LGBT community in a nonbiased way;


  1. 7. Encourages member states to respect the cultural differences of all communities in

  2. all areas of the world;

  3. 8. Strongly suggests all nations to create laws against discrimination towards the

  4. LGBT community.

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