Interview with DPR of Korea and USA

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Lennard Everwien

Is it your first time at EGMUN?
No, it’s not my first time it’s actually my second time.

What are your expectations to this year’s conference?
I’m looking forward to a great conference. This year I will be participating in the crisis committee, and I hope that we will have an exciting week with exciting crisis.

Witch country are you representing?
The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The greatest nation on earth.

Are you nervous to have such a big role in the conference?
Absolutely not. It is a great honor and I’m looking forward to represent my country for the fullest of my abilities.

What do you think about the parties at EGMUN?
The parties are freaking awesome. I like the fact that you guys have one official and one unofficial party, and then you just go party for the rest of the week too. I’m staying with Christian Holm, a former student from Espergærde Gymnasium. He’s a party animal. He’s awesome.

What do you think about Denmark so far?
Denmark is awesome. The language is kind of cute, and kind of funny, but I like Denmark a lot.

Are you planning on getting drunk every night?
We will see what happens. Probably.



Simon Kofoed-Heller

Is it your first time participating?
No it’s my 6th or 7th time.

Are you excited about this EGMUN conference?
Of course I am why shouldn’t I be? It is always a great experience with great people and politics (haha)

What’s your role in the conference?
I’m the ambassador of the United States of America and a delegate of the Security Council.

Are you nervous?
No, not really. I’ve tried it before so I know the rules.

Are you planning on getting drunk every night?
Since I’m the event manager and therefor arranging the parties, I suppose I should say ´no´, but you know, everything can happen at MUN parties.

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