Interview with the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF

Henrik Boberg Bæch


Why are you supportive of MUN and what do you think it contributes to the school? 

I’m highly supporting of MUN as it’s another way of learning and yet it touches a number of subjects that you as students will have to obtain knowledge about in different classes, such as English, history and society-class, but you’re hereby receiving in an alternative way.

Even though it touches the curricular it substitutes the lessons you’re otherwise would have had.


In your speech you mentioned that MUN helps with expanding the participant’s knowledge about other parts of the world – do you think this prepares the students in another way to be a global citizen? 

When you make international friendships you’ll gain greater knowledge of other cultures and nations. It will enable you to become a global citizen as you become aware of other people. Your knowledge expands and you thereby get a nuanced look at the outside world. If one gain that insight there is less risk that you’ll lack understanding of other cultures.


In extension of the second question, what do you think the participants from other countries will gain from participating in EGMUN? 

They’ll obtain an insight in Danish culture and our way of thinking. Perhaps they can even bring some of that home to their culture.

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Maiken Vindmar

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