Interview with the Secretary General

Who is Dag-Yero?


Dag-Yero Midtvåge Diallo

SG 2013

Given the fact that you are this year’s Secretary General, how are you finding the job – is it funny, stressful or challenging? 

So far it’s been fun, a lot of hard work. It should be over by now, and then I can somewhat sit back and enjoy the conference.


So why did you choose to run for Secretary General?

Because I like organizing these sorts of events and I’ve done MUN for a while now. Since this is my final year at Espergærde Gymnasium & HF and therefore my last MUN, I felt that this was the next and final step. I also liked the diplomatic and the organizing role. Another reason was the opportunity to give the opening speech.


Now that you’ve been in charge of forming this year’s EGMUN, what are your expectations for it?

I expect it to be the best EGMUN ever as we’ve had the best executive staff and we’ve worked really hard on the creating the best possible conference for all the participants. I also really hope that the agenda points in all the committees, not only some but all committees, are being debated thoroughly as this would create more flowing and rich debates that all delegates in the end will profit from.


So after a lot of hard work you’re probably keen on loosening up a bit, perhaps even get a drink, so what are your expectations for the parties? 

I’ll guess they’ll be fun as ever. I think it’s a good time for delegates to meet each other outside of the debates and get to know each other better. As for me I might have a beer or two, but I won’t go completely out of control since I got a lot of work to do.


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