Let the Kissing games begin!


Keeping with tradition the EGMUN Kissing Games will once again rule the conference. It is your job as a dedicated MUN-attendee to make sure everyone at the conference has something (some pleasant tongue-touching) to remember! And especially the people in charge of EGMUN15, who are dealing with a heavy load of stress, are in desperate need of a little relaxation.

Therefor we encourage you all to make the best of tonight at the first party that will be held at Retro at 9pm. So, to make sure you guys interact with each other properly, we now announce the Kissing Games OPENED!


Position Name Points
Secretary General Emma Askov 60
Conference Managers Christine Ankjær and Maiken Vindmar 50
Vice Secretary General Karoline Kruse 30
Deputy Conference Managers Daniel Rath and

Amalie Malmberg

IT-manager Amalie Malmberg 30
Financial Manager Caroline Juelsholt 30
Head of Staff Emma Bernard 30
President of GA Kasper Dahl Jensen 30
Vice President of GA Christian Høeg 25
President of ECOSOC Caroline Juelsholt 30
Vice President ECOSOC Karoline Kruse 25
Executive Staff 30
Head of Press Zoë Boye-Møller 30
Head of Media Christian Hjortshøj 30
Mr. News Kristian Bundgaard 25
Main Chair 25
Deputy Chair 20
Ambassadors 15
Press 15
Delegates 10
Media 10
IT-Staff 5
Staff 5


Who to kiss

This year’s EGMUN offers lost of luscious ladies in the top positions – so you boys better go for it! And as for you girls, you may have to get comfortable with kissing girls if you want a chance at winning…

To those of you who don’t know, Secretary General Emma Askov is currently dating former Secretary General of EGMUN 2013 Jens-Ole Kværnø (what a power couple!), so you have to make quite an effort, if you want to get those 60 points. On the other hand, you might have a chance with the flirty Vice Secretary General Karoline Kruse – a woman of many talents including lip-locking, but only the best of the best delegates get to tastes those pouty lips.

The hot Conference Managers, Maiken Vindmar and Christine Højsted Ankjær, are luckily single and ready to mingle! 😉 Chances are, they are up for almost anything, if you have good moves or nice ears (Christine’s weakness).

Another clever move would be to win the hot Caroline Juelsholt’s heart. She is in that lucky position that she is both the Financial Manager (30 points) and PECOSOC (another 30 points). But you might want to show your best behavior (or baddest), as she is one picky lady.

Ladies! If you really won’t kiss a girl you’ll have to seek out Deputy Conference Manager (30 points) Daniel Rath – what a tall, dashing young fellow! – PGA (30 points) Kasper Dahl Jensen – with impeccable drinking skills! – and Head of Media (30 points) Christian Hjortshøj, who melts any girls heart when he walks down the corridors of Espergærde Gymnasium in his tailored suit.



Unfortunately picking one target and sharing several kisses will not give you more points (sorry to those of you with a significant other) – “greeting” as many different people is necessary if you want to win.

If you kiss someone with two titles (like Caroline Juelsholt) you will be awarded points for both titles.

To get your points, pictures are required – so have paparazzi around you at all times. Evidence should be sent along with the names of the lovebirds to our mail at egmunpress@gmail.com.

If evidence is missing, then you won’t get awarded any pints, but you still have a chance of making an appearance on our Gossip Page. So if you know that your friend kissed the Ambassador of the United States or the PECOSOC, then please let us know! We will have an anonymous gossip box at our door where you can leave small tips for us!

The winner will be announced at the end of the conference – so hurry up and get to work!

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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