Life as staff

A lot of people would say that being staff is way too easy and that they are not really that important for the conference. For those of you who have this opinion and underestimates staff: you could not be more wrong. Did you know that staff has to be at school at 8 am everyday even when they are hung over and they dont get off until the school is ready for the next day – and that can take hours. Being staff might not be as mentally challenging as being delegate, but it is hard work and they make a big difference for the conference. Without staff the conference would not be up and running.

Without staff there would not be anyone to make and serve tea and coffee – especially when you have been drinking the night before. There would not be anyone to run your errands and there would not be anyone to make sure you get lunch. But most important of all: they are the ones who prepare all the committees for the conference and makes sure that everything is in place.








So appreciate staff – they do one hell of a job.

– By Caroline Ellekilde

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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