Little yellow dress

It’s more the exception than the rule to participate in MUN wearing colourful dressings, but despite that fact, some people do it anyway. I’ve been so lucky to come across somebody that’s the exception. Galatea from Italy wore a yellow dress with black spots at the opening ceremony. This, I must say, was eye-catching in the landscape of the black suits.  I asked the girl if she found the dress appropriate for the conference, and she instantly started talking. Her opinion about the dress code was: rather black and white, and I felt her when she said “black is sad”. I mean, I know what she means – this is my third conference and even though I love guys in suit, I also love people who dare to make a twist to their outfits. As long as there is one person dressed up differently in each committee, the conference can’t go wrong. The energy level is so much higher if there is something pretty to look at. Even though she told me that black was sad, she instantly said, “I might say black is sad, but I still love it “. With all this said, I must say that despite the fact that the dress was missing a large amount of fabric, this dress was the dress of the day. Simple and colourful.

yellow1– By Tone Olmedo

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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