People we are looking forward to seeing at this years EGMUN!

This years EGMUN is obviously going to top all our expectations, last year was amazing, but this years EGMUN will be better than ever, it will be bigger, better and more extravagant. We, the press, have of course done our homework and have looked up all the pictures of you lovely delegates in the delegate registration system. And we were surprised when we recognized so many of you. So we made a list of all the people we look the most forward to seeing at this years EGMUN.

The first of the many lovely known faces: Mr. Lennart Salek-Nejad – or as we probably all know him, Snape.








So mr. Lennart, we are truly looking forward to your cynical and sarcastic self, but maybe there’s something warm inside of you anyway? We at least hope that some of the Danish girls will warm your ice-cold heart. We would suggest talking to Karoline from the ICJ, she is unquestionably the most warm person we know – and she likes Harry Potter, always a plus. I’m sure your expertise in potion making, your deep stare and dazzling hair will get you many gorgeous ladies.


Mr. Lukas Sperber aka Brandon Walsh.










A lovely delegate from the 5th committee, Brandon Walsh – we are actually a bit disappointed with you, mr. Walsh. How come you did not apply for press? We would have loved your well-written, smart articles and your nifty pick-up-lines. We are absolutely certain that many girls would love to snuggle up right next to you for a nap during the lunch break, just to get a feel of your always perfect hair.


Mr. Sandy Waller, better known as Paulie Bleeker from Juno








We are looking so much forward to seeing the supercute Paulie at EGMUN 2013. Your always super short, bright yellow track shorts might not fit in with the MUN dresscode, but we are absolutely positive that you wil find a way to wear them anyway – despite everything, you are Paulie Bleeker. The press hopes your host family is okay with your weird eating habits like eating hot dogs for breakfast, and your overconsumption of orange tic-tacs. Remember, staff is not your personal tic-tac-pusher. Bring them yourself and try not to knock anyone up during EGMUN this year.


Mr. Luigi Zia aka Jaws from James Bond










Mr. Alexander Wittfoth aka Remus Lupin











We have several more known faces and if you spot more, then you are more than welcome to write and email to – this MUN is going to be marvelous.


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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