Point system at EGMUN 2014

Secret meeting in the corners, risky notepapers, lips meeting and tongues touching – it is time for the kissing contest, the point system at EGMUN 2014!

When the conference starts – or more specifically, when the parties start, then a certain game will start as well. The kissing contest,  the point system at EGMUN 2014 is back in the game. A solid, fun tradition that has been going on for years. You have all heard of it, you have all participated or at least wished to participate – and now, you have the chance. The Point System will be back in action this November!

So remember the rules, the following people give the following points for 1 kiss. Does not have to be with tongue, but it is advised and admirable if used.


Secretary General: 60 points
Conference Managers: 50 points
Head of Secretariat: 50 points
IT-manager: 30 points
Financial Manager: 30 points
Heads of staff: 30 points
PGA: 30 points
PECOSOC: 30 points
Main Chair: 25 points
Deputy Chair: 20 points
Executive staff: 30 points
Head of press and media: 30 points
Ambassador: 15 points
Delegate: 10 points
Press: 10 points
Medie: 10 points
IT-staff: 5 points
Staff: 5 points

1 kiss gives a certain amount of points. Kissing the same person several times will not give more points (sorry all of you with a significant other in the executive staff, lets be honest, being single is just more fun) – If you have such good taste that the guy or girl that you have been eying all night is both ambassador and executive staff etc. then it is the highest amount of points that counts. If you know that your friend kissed the Ambassador of the United States or the PECOSOC, then please let us know! We will have an anonymous box at our door where you can leave small tips for us!

So get to work! MUN is about more than just debating, it’s about using your karisma, your perfect ability to deliver speeches and your great persuasion skills – not only to prevent China from using her Veto, but to get some points! The game is on!

Remember – if you score higher than the winner of last years game The Point System 2013 maybe you will get something? Maybe a gift from the press – maybe  just a MUN-flirt, a boy- or girlfriend, who knows? 500 points is the winner to beat! Get to it! The game is waiting for you…….

We, the press, will just give you one last tip: Saturday-i’m-in-love, is a new concept at EGMUN 2014, where you can send a piece of chocolate and a nice little note with it. This will as the name suggest take place Saturday, so if you get tired of sending risky notepapers, send something else to your crush, maybe it will pay off later in the night in terms of points, if you  know what we mean…

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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