U.S. involved in South Korean epidemic?

North Korea had been under suspicion for having planted the bio weapons found in the northern part of South Korea. Now new sources reveal that it impossibly could have been the North Koreans, and suspicion is rising towards the United States. By Dimitri Ivanovitj Ivano   North

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How To: Score – The danish way

This is an article that some of you foreigners will be thanking me for tonight.   You are now in the happiest country in the world (okay we’ve actually lost the position to the Sweden, but we Danes suffer a lot from denial). A big part of

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Bomb joke held the Scots back

As some of you may have noticed the Scots didn’t show up at yesterday’s opening ceremony. They were held back at Kastrup Airport, because of a bomb joke. Due to all the recent terror attacks around the world, the police took the joke very seriously and closed

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Let the Kissing games begin!

  Keeping with tradition the EGMUN Kissing Games will once again rule the conference. It is your job as a dedicated MUN-attendee to make sure everyone at the conference has something (some pleasant tongue-touching) to remember! And especially the people in charge of EGMUN15, who are dealing

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Thousands infected by unidentified virus in South Korea

Crisis from Crisis Committee. Contagion. An unidentified virus has spread in Cheorwon County, South Korea claiming the deaths of 16 people and infecting thousands since Monday evening. By Allan Finch SOUTH KOREA: Monday November 17th at approximately 10pm local time the first case of the unknown disease was

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5 alternative punishments

Butt spelling? Again? No I don’t think so – twerking is so last year- and that is why this year’s EGMUN press have thought of new alternative ways of punishing the delegates – You are welcome ;). A noisy cellphone during the conference. Being late and disruptive.

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Get to know your Conference Managers!

[Conference Managers of EGMUN 15: Christine Højsted Ankjær (left) and Maiken Vindmar (right)] Many people have worked hard to organize this year’s EGMUN. We have spoken to the Conference Managers, whom you fear for judging your clothes, and it has turned out that they are not as

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You’re in our hearts France

In this horrible time of tragedy, our hearts are entirely with the French people, and especially the ones directly affected. Once again, sadly, the great family of the world is witness to a shocking event having an adverse impact on innocent, peaceful civilians. Today, we are all

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The Art of MUN flirting

It’s the first real day of the conference you walk into the classroom eyeing out the other delegates. These are the people you’ll spend your next few days with, arguing, debating and laughing with. You’ve told your parents and teachers how exited you are about expanding your

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Interview with DPR of Korea and USA

Lennard Everwien Is it your first time at EGMUN? No, it’s not my first time it’s actually my second time. What are your expectations to this year’s conference? I’m looking forward to a great conference. This year I will be participating in the crisis committee, and I

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