Interview with the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF

Henrik Boberg Bæch Why are you supportive of MUN and what do you think it contributes to the school?  I’m highly supporting of MUN as it’s another way of learning and yet it touches a number of subjects that you as students will have to obtain knowledge

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Point system at EGMUN 2014

Secret meeting in the corners, risky notepapers, lips meeting and tongues touching – it is time for the kissing contest, the point system at EGMUN 2014! When the conference starts – or more specifically, when the parties start, then a certain game will start as well. The

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Interview with the Secretary General

Who is Dag-Yero?   Dag-Yero Midtvåge Diallo Given the fact that you are this year’s Secretary General, how are you finding the job – is it funny, stressful or challenging?  So far it’s been fun, a lot of hard work. It should be over by now, and

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The Lost Boys

Once upon a time, five Germans from Oberschule Zum Dum and four Danes from Nyborg Gymnasium decided they wanted to participate in EGMUN. Known for its amazing debates and high intellectual level, this was the ideal MUN for them. They’d heard stories passed down for generations and

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The Atmosphere at GA

It is Sunday morning, and last night’s party (and maybe last night’s kiss) is still on our minds. We all saw the Italian girls get wild on the dance floor and the German guys shake their delicious butts to Nik and Jay. Yes, last night’s drinking has

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Good-Looking Interpreters Saving Desperate Delegates

You are all familiar with the grading-score in which points are given for Secretary General, Conference Managers, PGA, press, delegates and staff – but did you know that we also should have interpreters on the list? EGMUN is about communicating and creating fruitful debates between nationalities. However,

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The winner of #EGMUN2013

Congratulations to the instagram user emiliecordelia, you are the winner of the instagram competition this year. We love your picture of the 2 boys with thought bubbles over their heads. Go to instragram and search for the hashtag #egmun2013, and check out all the pictures that all

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Chair from 5th committee physically assaulted by South Korea

Today the chair of the 5th committee, Aske Ryskov Kjær came in, just when a delegate from South Korea tried to close the door with all his body weight. It gave a result in a lot of blood and a trip to the emergency room. We asked

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Security Council

The Security Council plays a crucial role in the decision-making process of the UN. With five permanent members who all posses the power of veto the process of passing resolutions can be a precarious and tedious affair. This proved valid as only two out of three resolution

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Breaking news: USA vs DPRK

Today we received a notepaper from the Ambassador of the United States of America. Following was written on the notepaper – and obviously this changes things. “The NATO countries and South Korea have gathered their thoughts, but just could not handle the inhumane attacks from yesterday performed

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