The Biased Chair or the Hammer Stealer?

Who is worst: The Biased Chair or the Hammer Stealer?                         We all know that the strain of being a well-respected chair can sometimes lead to bias and reduced neutrality. We chitchatted with one of the

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Notepaper to Germany

An interesting notepaper was sent to Germany from DPKR, asking for help to make a fellow dictatorship. The delegation of DPRK recognizes Germanys experience with dictatorship. We are questioning if they should be allowed to finish the EGMUN? They aren’t allowed to make a dictatorship in a

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How to score your ex

If you are a boy with a taste for women in control, then you should keep on reading. I’ve had a little chat with the IT and financial manager Holm, and he now reviled the secret of how to score his ex Sarah the Conference Manager. 1.

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Vandalism or devious plot?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s well respected picture of Kim Jong-Il s father, Kim Il-Sung, has this morning suffered from vandalism. South Korean hearts and “I love America” quotations were stuck to the face of the Eternal President of Korea. Offended and hurt, DPRK handed in

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The Cookie Stealers From Ghana

(ATTENTION: WE ARE JUST GAGGING) As we speak, we are being invaded and sabotaged by Ghanaians! Everyone around the world has the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations – from Western Europe to North Africa. But this year someone has taking advantage of our generosity! If

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Hot kisses on the dance floor

The president of the ECOSOC Emma Andersen was seen at the party yesterday on the dance floor snogging off somebody’s face, and that somebody was Ole Posselt. Ole Posselt is a lawyer in the ICJ, and the only thing left to say is congratulations Ole, you just

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DPRK demands the US to be removed from the Security Council! In a statement the morning of November 15th, the ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Mikkel Juelsholt, stated that the DPRK demand that the United States of America must be removed as a permanent member

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Crisis Commitee

What are they talking about in the CC?                 The history behind  The Falkland Islands are located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The islands belong to the United Kingdom but Argentina has claimed them for a long time. Since the

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Life as staff

A lot of people would say that being staff is way too easy and that they are not really that important for the conference. For those of you who have this opinion and underestimates staff: you could not be more wrong. Did you know that staff has

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A Rocking Platform and the Almighty Cheesecake

Once again we were all gathered at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in the heart of Copenhagen to open up the ball – yes, the time has come to utilize your English vocabulary, find your black (or pink) blazer in the depths of your closet, wear the blue

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