Pro-LGBT activist dead

Pro-LGBT activist dead, multiple casualties as Russian forces confront peaceful demonstration. A peaceful assembly of an estimated 500 pro-LGBT activists turned grim the evening of Tuesday 12th. At 7.00pm the peaceful demonstration came to an abrupt end as 150 policemen carrying body armour and riot shields confronted

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Little yellow dress

It’s more the exception than the rule to participate in MUN wearing colourful dressings, but despite that fact, some people do it anyway. I’ve been so lucky to come across somebody that’s the exception. Galatea from Italy wore a yellow dress with black spots at the opening

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Party tonight

There will be a party at Retro, Elsinore tonight, get your information about the party here! The amazing, extravagant, social part of EGMUN 2013 has begun. After the first day of hard working during lobbying time, we know you need to relax and party. We have rented

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Chair fell asleep during opening ceremony

A red haired deputy chair from the 3rd committee snored during the EGMUN opening ceremony at the Glyptotek yesterday without a tie. I bet that even though he snored loudly in this world, he was probably about to safe a hot long legged girl, most likely Italian in

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All the lovable singles

EGMUN is hosting a ton of lovable singles, and they’re only waiting to score or getting scored.  We put a few people in context to the grading score so here you can see a variety of singles and how many points you get for scoring them.  

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So many socks. I know that all of us are students and therefore I don’t expect all of us to dress up as formal as this week, everyday. What I mean is that most of us have a personal style that we want to show the world,

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Spot on

Normally at EGMUN the clothes are very formal and mostly black with a capital B. Between all the suits and heels we managed to find some interesting elements. Normally at EGMUN the clothes is very formal and mostly black with a capital B. Between all the suits

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WATCH OUT – The game has begun!

Find out who you need to kiss tonight! To obtain the tradition, the annual kissing-contest will be held at this year’s EGMUN’13. The rules are simple; all you need to do is to kiss a hot Mr. Suit or sexy Miss Heels to the EGMUN events Thursday

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Mogens Lykketoft – supporting gay rights?

Yesterday at the opening ceremony at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the President of the Danish Parliament wore a pink tie. In Nazi-Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, inmates of concentration camps who were accused of homosexuality were forced to wear a pink triangle.  Because of this, the

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People we are looking forward to seeing at this years EGMUN!

This years EGMUN is obviously going to top all our expectations, last year was amazing, but this years EGMUN will be better than ever, it will be bigger, better and more extravagant. We, the press, have of course done our homework and have looked up all the

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