Remember when…

The past days Historic Security Council have been busy trying to create a solution for the conflict raging Iran after the Iranian Revolution in 1979, where the Pahlavi-dynasty was overthrown.

French Republic was the main submitter of the resolution that passed with seven voting in favour, three abstaining from vote and one country voting against.

The resolution called on the involvement of following UN structures to help improving relations among all countries related to the Iranian situations: DISEC, UNICJRI, CSD, HCHR, UNESCO.

According to the French Republic, an importing contributing factor in solving the issue is the requirement of the Member States’ respect towards the will of the Iranian people. Furthermore all Member States should state their interest in the on-going conflict by financial or military support.

The Ambassador of French Republic, who is main submitter of the resolution, said: “The most difficult problem was that we had very different points of views on history, and that we had to take them all into consideration. Some clauses were vetoed by the USSR, France or USA because of the countries’ policies. In the end we found a way to come together to create the best possible resolution.”

Countries voting in favour were The United States of America, Norway, Portuguese Republic, Nigeria, Jamaica and of course French republic. The one country voting against was Bangladesh, and countries abstaining from voting were China, USSR and UK.





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