Russia disappointed: we lost the case on the LGBT rights

To Russia’s great disappointment The International Court of Justice has decided to vote in favour of the Applicant, France. Despite this the International Court of Justice has not been able to accept the demands, which France had about having a law about homosexual propaganda, which in case of violation should resolve in punishment. We talked to the advocates of Russia about the LGBT rights just before the verdict.

“The last few days we have been discussing the case of France vs. Russia in our LGBT laws. Basically what happened was that a bill was passed this year that is “prohibits propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” which means that if you’re gay you cannot show that publically anymore in Russia, and of course France opposes that and has sued us for that, and that’s what we’re debating. Our opinion is that the bill protects children. The bill isn’t just focusing on homosexuality. It just says non-traditional marriage or relationships so that could be pedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality and of course homosexuality”.

According to the two advocates of Russia, their witnesses kicked ass, so it turned out as a shocking surprise when they lost the case. “At first we made Germany say that our law was all right because he was so confused so I was pretty confident haha! But unfortunately we lost the case at the end of the day”.


– By Cecilie Marie Conrad

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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