The Biased Chair or the Hammer Stealer?

Who is worst:
The Biased Chair or the Hammer Stealer?

the hammer stealer













We all know that the strain of being a well-respected chair can sometimes lead to bias and reduced neutrality. We chitchatted with one of the most treasured chairs at this year’s MUN, the one and only Magnus Hamann Andresen – let us treasure you, baby. He answered our questions about the values of his job and the importance of being objective. Mr. Hammer prioritizes two things: being strict, but being true. “You shall do the things according to the rules of procedure, but you shall also be aware if you are too harsh or too sweet to others.”

We asked him how good he is at the objective part of the job, and he answered rusty: “I’m doing greeeaaat!”

BUT it is quite notable that this lovely chair thinks he is kicking ass at being objective because rumor has it that he kicked someone else’s ass out of the committee, the advocate of France Simon Kofoed with no reason – or at least that was what the offended Frenchman told us. However, Mr. Hammer told us that he had a good reason of acting biased in that situation – it was the Frenchman’s partner in crime’s action that caused this partial behavior: “His partner, Tobias Sjøgren, stole my haaaaaammer – and that is not in order! Mr. Kofoed is an allied with Tobias so I sent him out.”

Simon Kofoed told PRESS that he was going to steal Mr. Hamann’s hammer as revenge. BUT this time MC Hammer is prepared!

– By Cecilie Marie Conrad and Ida Marie Bjørnvig


Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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