The Commission on Narcotic Drugs

The ECOSOC commission created in order to inhibit the proliferation of illegal and harmful drugs are present at this year’s EGMUN. The central point of focus being the drug-trafficking routes originating from Asia and permeating throughout the rest of the world. This global network of producers and suppliers continues to expand into foreign territory on a daily basis.  The global opium trade reaches an estimated $55 billion dollars annually and the market is ever expanding.  The Nation of Afghanistan is in great turmoil facing severe political and social difficulties which in turn impedes the stability of the country. In spite of the protruding uncertainty, Afghanistan remains the focal point of the discussions regarding opium production and trade. Afghanistan dominates the market globally and is expected to continue this domination with an escalating share of the market. The Commission on Narcotic Drugs is existent in order to combat this estimation and will hopefully result in detailed resolutions striking at the heart of the responsible parties and diminishing the worldwide proliferation of drugs.


– By Peter Mørch Groth

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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