The Cookie Stealers From Ghana


As we speak, we are being invaded and sabotaged by Ghanaians! Everyone around the world has the opportunity to participate in Model United Nations – from Western Europe to North Africa. But this year someone has taking advantage of our generosity!

If you want to join MUN, you have to send an application and get permission to travel abroad. Two Ghanaians were abruptly stopped at the border when it was discovered that they were former convicts having been accused of falsifying. It was later discovered that there had been some misunderstandings between the executive staff and the participants from Ghana regarding the Ghanaians´ visa.  So, if the executive staff had sent out the applications earlier and had filled them out, the Ghanaians had been able to travel as planned.

Despite the decline they managed to deceive the system once again. The PRESS team has recently become aware that there have been many strange coincidences and accidents during the MUN conference that could proof that the Ghanaians are with us after all. Are the Ghanaians taking revenge?

Think about it: At the opening ceremony we all had a laugh when the principal of Espergærde Gymnasium and HF fell of the platform – but why was the platform rocking in the first place? Had something or someone tampered with the platform? The following day the chaos continued. Hammers went missing, there weren´t enough cookies and at noon the internet suddenly broke down for an hour leaving the entire conference and especially the delegates in despair.



Coincidentally, Pauline from the PRESS team is the leading expert on “Ghana and stuff” and on this case she commented: “I have analyzed the circumstances surrounding the Ghanaians terrible abuse of our trust. I thought that we had established a conference that empathized the cooperation across borders – but these terrible individuals spat on my trust.”

No one knows how the Ghanaians managed to attend the conference and create all this chaos, but no matter what the search for them will continue. If you have seen anything or have any information that could lead to the finding of the Ghanaians, then you are more than welcome to contact the PRESS team in H251.

And in the mean time: Peace out!

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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