The Lost Boys

Once upon a time, five Germans from Oberschule Zum Dum and four Danes from Nyborg Gymnasium decided they wanted to participate in EGMUN. Known for its amazing debates and high intellectual level, this was the ideal MUN for them. They’d heard stories passed down for generations and dreamt of the free flowing alcohol and the beautiful girls. So they packed their stuff and got on the trains with the expectations of living with a nice family.

But once they arrived at the station they realized this wasn’t going the way they had planned. As the last people departed from the platform, they were left wondering if anyone was ever going to bring them to their new homes. The Accommodation Manager had to bring them the heartbreaking truth that there were not enough Danish families. Their expectations laid shattered on the cold ground in front of them while they asked themselves with tears rolling down their faces “Why, oh why?”.

Since not enough families had decided to host, they were left with no other choice than to live at the school during the five daylong conference. Because it’s not considered the norm to sleep at your school in Denmark, it was not possible to provide the delegates with beds. Therefore they had to sleep on the cold floor in a dirty classroom and were forced to shower in the gym. As if this was not enough they had to endure the cleaning-ladies tacky music at three o’clock in the morning when they had to clean the school.


It’s not an optimal solution to live like this and it doesn’t fit in with the standards and values of Espergærde Gymnasium & HF.

So now you might be asking yourself “what can I do to help the lost boys?”

You have two options:

Since they have lived alone for such a long time, they need extra care and love. We therefore urge you single girls (as Beyoncé sings: “all the single ladies, all the single ladies”) to take them home with you. We’ve heard from reliable sources that the staff are more than willing to take proper care of them.


The other solution is to go to and donate an amount equivalent to 50 DKKR. For this contribution the boys will be provided with real beds and actual breakfast.

As of now, one German has already been successfully adopted, and nine others are currently looking for a home.

So what’s there left to do? You know it, they know it, we know it! So let’s all join in and helps these boys get the true EGMUN experience they deserve!



– By Christine Hegelund and Nathalie Årstoft

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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