The official party at EGMUN

Are you exited for the official party tonight? We know we are! Tonight we are bringing you a special theme, that includes showing off some skin and your best dance moves, and be ready to, what we Danish call; “Flække Floor!”

Tonight it’s going down with a Hawaii themed party!! So girls bring your Hawaii skirts and coconut bras and boys we expect to see some topless bodies and some swaying hips.

Hawaii is an Island of Sun, Drinks and Love, so eye out a beautiful girl or a handsome boy and be ready to lock them lips at the party tonight. Remember that our kissing point system is still on, so if you didn’t score too many points Thursday night, now is your chance to catch up. We are still betting on who will win.

You will receive a flower lei (garland) when you arrive, but show up in your best outfit and bring your naughty behavior 😉

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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