The party tonight: High Heels and High Expectations

Once again the participants of EGMUN can throw off their formal clothes and instead put on too short dresses and even higher heels – you too, guys! Of course, we all have some expectations for a party – will I kiss the hot guy from Germany? Can I dance on the tables again? Will the hot girl from Italy be there? We always hope for a super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot night and we have asked some of the participants what their expectations are for tonight’s party!


















Christian Holm aka DJ Holm, our Financial and IT-manager, do not have high expectations for tonight’s party: “Because I don’t believe I can remember it in the morning” – The IT-manager also mentioned that he did not want to win the kissing contest: “I don’t care about the points… Because I have a hidden agenda for tonight – you have to be at the party to find out!” – so if you want to know the hidden agenda of DJ Holm, we suggest you’ll be there in good time and maybe with a camera.




















The lovely Head of Staff, Vincent Rasmussen expects a fun night and he is relieved that there is no dress code like last year, even though he do not have time to change for the party: “The Staff and me are going to have a dinner before the party so unfortunately I can’t change, but I think it’s going to be a nice party no matter what”.





We all know how much the manly delegates adore the sexy Italian girls – and we promise you they will be there at the party – Emelia, Galatea, Patricia and Catharina are all looking forward to the party, but they do not have any big expectations: “We just want to have fun, be sexy and get drunk!”

The girls are all aware of the point system and Galatea smiled and said: “So maybe we should go get some kisses”. Emelia was looking forward to wearing sexy clothes, high heels and dancing on the tables, but even though Italians are spicy, they can be clumsy too: “I would love to wear my high heels, but I twisted my ankle because I fell down the stairs…” – but if you want to dance with Emelia, we suggest you’ll carry her to the dance floor.



















Last but not least, we talked to the President of ECOSOC, Emma Andersen: “I think it’s going to be a great party! But I don’t think I can win the kissing-contest – I heard that someone had over 700 points! But maybe I’ll win second place, who knows?” – As Vincent said, there will be no dress code for tonight, so Emma’s outfit will be dominated by Abercrombie and maybe a sparkling top.


Do you have any expectations for tonight’s party? Well, you should have! Be there at 8.30, wear something you look good in and we’ll promise you it will be as fun as you hope for.

– By Iben Lerche and Ida Bjørnvig

Designed and created by
Maiken Vindmar

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