The transition into a brighter future

The transition into a brighter future

A NEW ERA IS ARRIVING: Discussions on the matter of sustainable energy sources are ongoing with one goal; to establish a profitable and graduate transition into an environmentally friendly future.

By Anna Willemoe Matzen & Hannah Faurschou

In a world that is slowly turning into a black clod of reek and gasses, a few nations are leading the way towards a new and more responsible use of our planet. Debates are heading up, and the resolutions concerning our future is on the table. Dedicated delegates are fighting a verbal war against the superpowers of the world, to secure and reinsure the only planet Earth we have.

Representatives from Mexico and the Russian Federation are proposing a graduate transition from the fossil fuels we are currently using as our main source for energy, into slowly rely the main part of our energy on sustainable sources such and wind- and water. The proposal is a result of the previous meeting between Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, and Enrique Peña Nieto, the President of Mexico.

The representatives of the USA and China are voting against this proposal, arguing that global warming is a myth, created to increase marked prices on the world’s energy.

In addition to this discussion it is relevant to look at the two proposing parts, as one is a new ally to the US and the other is a political opponent to them. Is this a conspiracy between Mexico and the Russian Federation, with the intention to take down the US? Or is this a simple act of compassion and the urge to do what is right for our world? The question remains unanswered, but we here on the editorial office certainly have our guesses.

A reliable source tipped about this particular

conspiracy, spoiling that the two representatives were seen talking together in the lunch break. This may point to the conclusion that the two nations are planning a larger attack on the superpower. A tweet posted by Mike Pence, Vice-president of the US, contributes to the tense and suspicious vibe:

We are currently arming ourselves for what is coming. We will assure your safety as Americans, and we will go against you, if this these priorities are endangered

– Mike Pence, Vice-president of the United States.

This statement may point to an upcoming armament of the American Army, which could be interpreted as the first move in a new conflict.

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